He's the Perfect man, but he's lacking that 'spark'? Also am I just being to hard on him?

I've had a few relationships in the past which didn't turn out to well. And all of which have been different so I've learned to handle each relationship indepentently and not to carry any expectations or baggage from any previous relationships with me into future partnerships. However in my most recent relationship I feel like I'm missing that spark that everyone says is suppose to be there. I've always felt it before but not now.

My boyfriend and I honestly have one of the best relationships ever though, we joke around and laugh. Its like having a bestfriend but at times it really seems like some things missing. I feel like there's just a connection between us that's not there and I also feel like its only me who's feeling this way. I can see my self settling down with him and having a future but then I also can't.

Recently I've been getting upset over little things that he says that shouldn't upset me. I almost feel like im driving a wedge between us and I really don't mean to. Little things like not texting me before bed or in the morning, to be honest we don't have more then 20 text messages a day at most. Some days we only send 5 or so messages. However when ever he has spare time off work he comes to my town ( two hours away by bus) to see me. Recently I bought him destiny and he blew up with happiness. He said he would get me something to pay me back, I said he didn't have to but he insisted. And then I saw him a few days later and I felt some what upset that he didn't have anything... Litterly all I wanted was a dollor store teddy bear. It wasn't the money I wanted to be payed back I just wanted to feel like he appreciated my actions..

Sorry for this noval but do I seem to be to hard on him? Also in your oppinon how can I stop driving a wedge in between us.. Lastly is the relationship worth it even though it has no spark?


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  • No one can make the decision for you. But if your dissatisfied now, it will probably get worse as both of you age.

  • He seems perfect... on paper. No spark means no spark - have you talked to him, said you wish that he'd show more affection and attention?


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