Only want you to fill the empty gap, don't want you at all when it's occupied?

Don't you just hate people like this? Like you're usually taken yourself and someone comes along and tries their hardest to take your partners spot, or you're single, she's single and acts like your best friend, the moment she gets a boyfriend however she's completely oblivious to you, until she's single again. Not just girls either, i've seen dudes do this crap too, I mean seriously WTF man?

Being single ain't all that bad when you honestly feel that its a personal choice rather than a curse. There is no ball and chain afterall and you're free to do what you want, party with your friends till 4am every night if you wish. Why do some people see being single as the end of the world and do diabolic thing to people in order to change that? How selfish can one get, winning a good friend, gaining their trust and then stabbing them in the back when they're no longer desired, not that they've done anything wrong to them


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  • agreed! i hate people like that


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