What separates a heartbreaker (that all women go for) from a non-heartbreaker that can't get any women? I love the irony ha ha?

The guy that juggles women and screws them and breaks their heart always has them, and girls always chase them. The guy who doesn't, struggles and truly fits the definition of "getting lucky" this isn't nice guy vs non- nice guy but rather a question of what do those "jugglers" have that many guys don't? Just curious. Open question.


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  • Mate, I have slept, to date, with 204 women. It was the worst decision of my life and one I regret. Do not mistake my openness for bragging because it most certainly is not. My friends have always asked how and in all honesty I had no idea until I realised what I was doing, they weren't. Like the women below have said, that confidence, assetiveness, knowing what to do when, when to say what, how to act in certain situation and how to carry yourself in general plays an enormous role in how your percieved and how women react to you.

    If you see the way I carry myself even now, after I have stopped my random sex activites, you would never know I was a man whore, as labelled. It is true that is what I was, not a nice thing to be called, and I find it insulting when friends call me a "legend" and the like because of it. I have only had 2 girlfriends, one before this all and one now, after this all. I have never and will never be unfaithful to her and I know the day will come soon when we discuss our sexual history and I don't know how to handle that or what I'm going to say, but it's a hole I've dug myself and if it caves, the doing is mine and mine alone. So becareful for what you wish for, because things aren't not the way they seem, terms and conditions always, always apply.

    • Dude, thanks but some of us guys don't get 5, yet alone your number (at your age) that's incredible! Dude... all you need to do is prove yourself to her and when the discussion comes it will be good. But then... why am I giving a guy who clearly knows women more than most, advice on relationships. You actually can't help me because u don't understand the dark place where I come from.

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    • Ok... mines Ed... I can't think of a Mark other than my cousin who lives in Brisbane. Are you north or south Brisbane? So many saffas in Brisbane! You sound like a dude that I need to have a drink with. I can't message you as you anonymous (or my phone is lame)

    • Yeah, your right, lemme send you a message mate

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  • Probably more outgoing, more confident, more assertive.

    It seems you think every guy who gets a girl is an asshole. Not the case, don't be so jaded, it's unattractive.

    • No, just the guys who are very successful with women. You see, I'm not jaded I just want to bed tons of women because I love women and sex. Nothing wrong except for the fact that I will have to break hearts (which I battle with because I really like everyone I meet and don't want that) but some guys just do it so well that women don't mind being their play thing. trying to wrap my head around it.

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    • Pick up artists are bullshit dude
      And go ahead with whatever you wanna do just be honest about it

    • That my dear is the problem. I am actually fucking myself up with all this;) I'm dancing in the flames i create. I'm at a point now where I need to make big decisions. Let me ask you something How does a male be honestly promiscuous? Women have the privilege if being just pretty. Guys have to get in there emotionally and thats the problem.

  • A few options I've seen:

    Fit bodies


    Attractive faces.

    Talk to females as people and "get" their perspective

    Actually likes females, not just sexually desires them.

    Goes after sexual cues to target those that really want them instead of devoting all their time to a random pick.

    Open to a variety of experiences.

    Sexual confidence.

    Humor & Playfulness.

    • All of that!!! Shit... ok... I will ride in with a unicorn and sweep a lady off her feet. I find alcohol helps with ticking some of these deal points away;)

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    • Hanging out with the more open minded crowd of girls helps too. Maybe try a cougar or two to learn some tricks, as well?

    • Will do mam;) gonna find me a cougar! Advice taken

  • They have less bitching and whining and more get up and doing.
    Plenty of nice guys get women. I really don't believe you are in the correct age category, or if you are, you must not go for any woman but constantly be chasing school girls and comparing yourself to school boys. I refuse to believe men can still think this way at your age.
    Why would anybody decent want a man like you described? If that's the girls you're going for, you'll never be happy.

    Stop the crying and whinging for a start, women find it very... pathetic, and guys like that just give off a "weak guy vibe" that nobody really good wants unless she's desperate. See those heart breakers, obviously girls also turn them down, but the difference is they move on from rejection and bounce back and onto the next. Other guys who sit there wallowing in self pity are so unattractive.

    • I am actually getting irritated with that. Yes I know, whiny nice guy bitching moaning blah blah blah. Mine was a question, not a rant. Its real. It happens. Why do guys who hurt women get women? or in another way, why are those guys the BEST with women? I think I know the answer... but I love seeing what your opinions are. And yes, I am planning to go out. I have a long term partner (that I need to break off) , plus a mistress, plus another girl that I met, but I am travelling and want to test out the bad boy theory at a club now. Make it women number 4. Just because I can. And don't you fucking dare compare my age. Some guys unfortunately didn't get the game until later and have every goddamn right to chase girls like everyone else.

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    • I'm not a cry baby;) People who blame something else have victim mentality. I have insanity;) I actually didn't go out now. I got stuck at the bar with some awesome metal heads lol

    • Haha nice. And don't worry about feeling bad when you hurt a girl, the way I see it 99% of the time when girls complain to me about their shitty boyfriends or ex's that hurt them, it's entirely their fault, because sometimes these things are just so obvious in a guy, if she doesn't see it she's really just stupid, just like the "victims" of the Nigerian prince scams. Like if you're really gonna be so gullible, it's your own fault, just grow a brain lol... So yea don't feel bad, most the time, these girls could get out of the situation but they don't, so oh well.

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  • Confidence, assertiveness, appropriate inapropriatness.

    Look at said playes, they ooze of confidence. Sure, oftentimes it's because of a huuuge ego, but it's still confidence. And from looking at the site it's clear confidence is among the things girls look for in guys. It's closely tied to assertiveness, their ability to approach a girl.
    Apropriate inapropriateness... how often do you see nice guys grab a girl in an almost inapropriate way? How many times does players do that? See the difference? Thing is, it keeps the girl on the edge, makes her feel desired, without it being downright raunchy. It makes them wonder if he really meant anything with it, or if it was just a random touch.

    So the result of these three is an effective concoction that leads girls astray.

    Girls do you agree? (please be honest with yourself)

    • Yeah the confidence thing works... you on the money. And I want to see what women say because most of their advice here is contradictory to that behaviour.

    • I am expecting them to deny it, because deep down they know it's true. The best way to test it is to use hidden cameras and practice it in the field.
      But come on, it's no secret you should form a little bit of sexual tension to keep her on the edge, and that you should come out as a person wih a clear goal in life, and the means to reach it.
      That's an other way these three things manifest themselves, and i think that ameks my logic sound.

      Anyway, i can't wait either.

  • The three C's, yo.

    1) Comeliness --- They're good looking.

    2) Confidence --- They know they're good looking and it makes them feel pretty good when talking to girls.

    3) Charisma --- The cherry on the sundae; Girls will do almost anything they say because both previous qualities are oh so desirable.

  • Here is a thing, there is a long documentary about this, I don't remember now. It's cool you can check it out on YouTube and try to find it.
    Any ways it says that the reason for all these messed up relationships (abusive, nice guy bad guy stuff, .. Etc) is that human brain is attracted to danger... So that's why we are secretly attracted to abusive people or bad boys or bad asses or liers and cheater instead of descent people.

    • Makes tons of sense. Seriously, many super hot women are attracted to mean motherfuckers (in South Africa especially and I'm sure everywhere else) and guys love bad girls.

  • I quite like not attracting anyone women at all.

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