He kind of stood me up. Should I give him another chance?

So I have a crush on this guy and I've been trying to get to be better friends with him. He invited me to this big gathering thing and I agreed to go with him. The day of the gathering, though, it was raining really hard and I was running REALLY late to the place. When I came, it had been going on for a while and I wasn't allowed in anymore :(, so I texted him telling him just that. Then he texted back saying that he wasn't even at the thing. He chose not to go to it, yet he never texted me. I know it was my fault for running so late, but had I actually attended the gathering, wouldn't it count as him completely standing me up? I'm a little frustrated because he's always been really nice to me. I know we're just friends right now, but I thought this was kind of a mean thing to do to a friend as well.


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  • Hmm, yes that sounds bad... Rude.
    But since you say it's his first time and he's been always nice towards you and what not... Id say give him another chance.

  • You don't know the situation. Maybe he was there, you didn't show and he left. And he didn't want to admit that when you texted him.

    Give him another chance. You stood him up just as much as he stood you up.


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