He isn't replying to my message even though nothing was bad?

I left uni today & started going long distance (i guess) with the guy I'm seeing, although we aren't ready to be official yet.

I saw him when he left the other day. We had 2 romantic dates & then a nice little goodbye in which he was so adorable.

When I left this morning he said I could leave my printer at his & get it next year (3 months) & then he rang me earlier & we had a nice little chat, then I left.

I messaged him as I left saying something about our relationship, nothing bad. After 1 joking reply & my reply, he never wrote back. I sent another a bit later, nothing. Just sent an 'is this a test?' Message and nothing.

Nothing was bad between us, I'm confused what should I do, I'm so bad when people don't reply I get anxious!!


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  • He's a guy. He doesn't see the need to respond to each and every text the very second it arrives.

    • exactly.. Im in the same situation, I get so mad when he ignores me. Im kind of doing long distance aswell but its not official yet, just like you. But every time he ignores me, I am so mad and sad and confused... So I used to sent mad messages like: okay whatever just ignore me. this is not going to work, I'm not going to wait for you when you keep ignoring me. and then most of the times he replies and like yesterday I was mad again so he called me and said that he's really busy with the university. and he told me that when guys receive a message, they think: oh a sweet message thanks! guys are not like: ohh a sweet message lets respond. they are just not like that, so he told me that I should not be insecure or sad because that how all guys are, they reply when they want to not because you want to. So don't feel so sad or afraid that he's mad, he's probably just busy and hopefully he will reply soon.. Let me know! good luck :)

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  • It appears with your First message, he got the "Message" and Now he is putting you on his pay no mind list. He could very well be pouting, having his own hissy fit and with your last Unfashionable "Fashion statement," this just added more fuel to the fire With------Is this a test?
    No more texts. You need to do this Via phone instead. Call him up and explain yourself so there are no misunderstandings here. Something is Not setting right in Denmark and with reading This between the lines, your Real "test" will be when he picks up on his end and has an open lines of convo with you.
    You may have though this wasn't "Bad," but he may be feeling not so "Adorable" at this moment.
    Good luck. xx