Girls do u have or did u have an insecure bf? what was he insecure about?

did u continue with him or did u leave him? how do u girls feel to have an insecure, non confident bf?


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  • My boyfriends insecure. Its kinda hard to deal with sometimes cuz he's got a temper and snappes over ridiculous stuff. he's a spazz! He is insecure about other guys.. even me saying a movie star is attractive.
    But yea im still with him n love him lots

    • there Is one big reason for him to get insecure n that is u r so pretty. I think that's your child in your profile pic so I don't think there is enough reason to get insecure. but did u ever get attracted to other guy or kissed him or had sex with him while still with your insecure bf? would u have a casual sex if u get the right guy at the right situation?

    • Thank u. yes that is my daughter in the pic, notfrom him tho. No I haven't even really looked at another guy, idc to! Never kissed or had sex with another. Honestly even if we broke up I prob wouldn't try with another guy for awhile. I love him! he's my babe n I've been through some fd up shit for him/cuz of him. he's my love

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  • I actually left the guy but his insecurity was about me and became very stalkerish.

  • I had an insecure boyfriend. We were in a long-distance relationship and he always wanted the physicality of me being there all the time so he had security of the relationship. It was fucking annoying. We broke things off because he couldn't handle missing me all the time and not being reassured that I was always going to be right there.

    • have u ever got attracted to a guy while still with your so called insecure bf? did u kiss any other guy or guys? did u have sex with him/them?

    • I mean people are still attracted to others while dating, but I firmly do not believe in cheating. I'm a very open communicator and will straight up ask someone if there's a problem. Cheating results in a lack of communication or expression, both of which I do not possess.

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