It's time to talk, but how? Whats mean of "slow down relationship and how to deal with?"Would like to have guys advice please?

Long distance relationship for 3 months. Went to see him twice already. After second visit, he told me that he wants to slow our relationship but he will continue to see me.. even though, we do not talk as much we had before anymore. he may send me text once a day or none... not much talk at all...
Since I left there I didn't say Miss you or any sweet talk to him because I'm afraid... Seems like slow down = wanna break up? Not sure what he wants to do? I left my belongs at his place which he said I should leave these (bathroom items and walking shoes) for next visit but he told me that he has too many business trip this month, next month... till March... I knew about this business trip so not he made up for now though seems like he doesn't care to see me?
I wrote a letter to him how I feel and what do I want to have our relationship and if he is not same page or not looking for same relationship, he should turn his head walk away...
but I'm so chicken and could not send this letter to him for a week now. He just got over his 17 years marriage and bad relationship with his ex gf and not looking for serious relationship (actually too early to be serious anyway), I understand it but not sure he wants to continue to be with me or wanna be free as fish? He said continue but his act (as no text often, talk often.. even talk on the phone, seems like not happy at all) are not follow.
When I was there his house on last visit, he felt as he is married cus I was at home all the time and I'm sure he didn't like the fact but we have long distance relationship and he told me to stay at his place. :-(
Anyway, slow down relationship means as I should not talk everyday anymore or cannot have sweet gf/bf type of conversation anymore? Hide my emotions?
Shall I send him a letter and if he is not in same page, move on? If so, someone give me a courage to send a letter to him!!!
more detail of this story but limited words I can write in here..


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  • If you want him for the next 1-2 years to talk to and share your feelings then better to send the letter and get things cleared.
    But if you are planning to have a long term relationship with him.. I think better to give him some more time.
    As you said he has recently come out of 17 years of long bad relationship.. This breaks a human heart and they stop believing in others. He will respect you but he wants time to think, understand life more and decide how to go forward. He will definitely want someone with him and so he will always want to have you but will not commit anything in this stage. Smile with him, show that you care for him, that you understand him and quickly he will start becoming more closer to you.


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