Why does my girlfriend keep on saying she likes specific guys/ actors in films?

It makes me feel unwanted, i'm not sure why she does it?


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  • its just celebrity crushes. no biggie, don't let it get you down. we all have them. girls fucking hate it when I go off about Taylor Swift hahaa.


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  • Celebrity crushes are not a reflection of how she feels about you... can you honestly say that you don't have a celebrity crush?

    • well i can't actually think of anyone off the top of my head, but why is it suddenly ok that she's crushing on another guy just because he's a 'celebrity'? anyway why would she not just keep quiet about it

    • It's not like she's going to ever meet them or leave you for them so why are you making a big deal over a celebrity crush... which most people have

    • Exactly its very bizarre lmao

  • Not like she stands a chance with them lol. Your insecure. Lighten up

    • It's not whether she can get with them or not, it's her apparent and presented desire to do so which bothers me

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    • it's not trivial to me, somehow i doubt it would be trivial to any girl either. What would you do if your boyfriend started talking to you about how hot specific girls were?

    • I would be fine with it. I admire many men in celeb world it dont mean I wouldn't want my partner lol. Im. mature though many aren't

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  • Because she likes the actors. It has nothing to do with you. Quit being so insecure.

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