If you have great chemistry with someone is it best to move slowly or let things happen when they happen?

When you first start dating (its been about a month) and you both really like each other is it best to move slowly or to let things happen when they happen? I just started dating a guy and its progressing very quickly. We both agreed that we don't want to screw this up but its moving very fast because we really like each other. We have been having amazing sex but we both agreed we don't want it to be just about that but every time were together we can't keep our hands off each other. We always have a good time hanging out and it has a lot of potential but should I slow it down or see how things go?


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  • You this is actually interesting because I kind of had the same situation! I think there's no point for u to slow down now when everything already happen, so I'd just let it flow! Let things take its course but always have variety in your relationship not just in sex but in general don't make it a habit! Always look for adventurous stuff to do!