How do you honest feel about them moving on quickly?

I told my friend and crush that I like her. She said that she "wasn't there yet" . I actually got over it the next day surprisingly. I still talk to her (minus the flirting) because I still want to have a genuine friendship. This all happened two weeks ago. Now on Sunday I met this girl at a friends BBQ and I really was attracted and got her number from my friend on. Monday. Talked for a few days and I asked her out on wednes day for friday. my friend and I share what's in our lives and I wanna share this without it getting awkward. Should I tell her or just date a bit and share if things get very serious

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I allowed anon to Get the most honest answers. If you are okay with it great, and if you are even slightly not okay with it why. Also what is your overall opinion about this situation?


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  • she's not your girlfriend. you don't have to tell her anything


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