Why are girls so mean to other girls?

this is for girls over 18 only

1)why are girls so mean to other girls?

2)do you like guys who are jerks? why?

3)do you have hair from your bush to your belly button?

4)How many times a week do you sh*t?

5)what is the one thing you would change about your appearance/why?


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  • 1) Look, for most of history, guys got to be dominant in the dating/mating world-a guy could have his pick of women, whereas women were more controlled about who was acceptable to marry. That means if you wanted a guy, you couldn't just walk up to him and tell him that-you had to somehow convince him you were better than all the other girls he might choose to court. That meant subtle games and sexual competition, and unfortunately, it lingers to this day. Girls are usually mean to girls because they are a threat in some way (either in regards to a man, a friendship with another woman, or because the girl in question abused you in the past.) Most girls are conditioned to be "nice/sweet" or only act bitchy when intoxicated, and can't just confront a woman the way a guy might confront another guy.

    2) It isn't that girls (most girls) like jerks. There's a very very fine line between challenge-->cocky-->jerk. I like a guy who challenges me... can banter, can call me out and have a verbal sparring match. But yes some women like jerks because the woman thinks if she's just awesome enough, she'll change the guy, which gives her a Savior kind of complex. But hey, lots of guys I know like manipulating, game-playin' crazies. Whaca gonna do?

    3) No, it naturally stops a little more than a finger length up.

    4) Can't say I count.

    5) Is "everything" an option? No? Fine. I'd be taller/skinnier. (Yes, that counts as one.)


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  • 1)To some people being degrading to others makes them feel good about themselves. It gives them a sense of power or something. I think it's lame. That's why I have more guy friends then girl friends. Girls can be nasty.

    2)Every girl is attracted to a bad boy and sometimes being a jerk is part of it. I don't really like jerks but the whole bad boy persona is HOT.

    3)Everyone has peach fuzz. Some people just have more noticeable hair there. If you are asking if I have a treasure trail like a man, the answer is no.

    4)I am like most humans. I poop once a day or every other day.

    5)I would love to lose my little speed bump belly. I am very squishy. Besides that I am pretty happy.

  • 1. I don't know, I don't really get it either.

    2. I don't like jerks, I like nice guys that will treat me nicely.

    3. No, not even naturally.

    4. Regularly, the same as any normal person, I don't know...why does that even matter?

    5. My nose. It doesn't seem to fit with the rest of my facial features. It's not horrible looking though, but it does bother me.

  • 1) I would love to know the answer to that myself personally I don't see the point in it.

    2) Well I don't because I find them a turn off not a turn on.

    3) we have a faint line witch we remove lol.

    4) why same as you.

    5) Hmmm my nose because it's little bit wonky ha ha.

  • 1)Other girls is a big category. We are mean the SOME girls and for everyone those girls are different. Me, personaly because they are rude and they don't respect. Also I might have a bad past with them.

    2)I don't like guys who are jerks but if a guy who is a jerk likes me I would give it a try.

    3)Yes a little.

    4)It depends, whenever I have to sh*t I sh*t.

    5)My nose. Not change it completely there's just one small part of it that I dislike. Its a little pointy.

  • 1. jealousy, competition, attitudes

    2. I hate jerks, I love cute, nerdy nice boys

    3. no hair, shave &/or wax

    4. haha! like once a day (7 days a week)

    5. my body, I want to be a little smaller


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