What would you think, if a girl doesn't reply to one text message for over one week but is willing to go out with you after you called her?

What would you think, if a girl doesn't reply to one text message for over one week but is willing to go out with you after you called her?

But she didn't say exactly when, because she is planning her vacation. (<-- she only mentioned that after I called her). She said she'd get back to me about the specific time.

  • Yes, she is probably not interested. Her saying that she'd want to go on telephone is because she didn't want to hurt your feelings.
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  • She is playing hard to get. / She isn't sure about your feelings to her.
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  • She is totally into you.
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  • Other (please elaborate)
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  • I want to see the reults/ I don't know the answer to this question
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  • Another one of your BS polls. Well, you must be distinguished for having balls big enuf to make the call. Most G@G'ers would just suck their thumbs, pine away and never even get out a text. Your also a good example of following up the unanswered text to get the bottom line. So your due a 'very good job' commendation!

    Your only option is to keep after her for the date. Work hard to impress her on the first date. Maybe bring her a small present or flowers. You know her best. Tell her you really like her and would like to see her. Lay your cards on the table pretty much after a few dates. (OK don't go too far and scare her. ) But you seem like a thoughtful guy that pull it off. Then you can gauge her better you will have your answer. Good luck!

    • lol.

      It's not the first date. We had date like hang outs before (I don't want to call it dates), e. g. take a walk and talk with each other, invite her to a small birthday party of mine with her alone. I think it's like the 6th or the 7th of such a "date".

      To be honest I don't want to impress her. I just want to be my fudging overthinking self when being with her. But I think I'll follow your advice with "laying cards on the table". I don't know how yet though. But I think she knows either way.

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  • What was the text? If it wasn't a question she might have thought that the conversation was over. One time my boyfriend didn't answer me and it turned out that he hadn't even got the text because his phone is stupid :) Also if I'm not interested in a guy I don't say yes to a date if he calls me. At best he'll get an uncertain maybe. It is a bit questionable that she didn't say when she was free, though. It might mean that she isn't "that" interested in you, but I guess only time will tell. If she gets back to you with the time she's probably into you. Good luck! :)

    • Today she replied with a specific date. She said my suggestion about the hang out is awesome. The location is bad for her though. But she suggested other locations where we could hang out. That's a good sign, isn't it?

  • In my opinion she just keeps the options open. No definite time, no texting back. It's in some grey area you know. She just keeps you around.

  • It sounds like she's not interested.

    • She replied back and apologize for being late at replying but at work have been a lot of stuffs going on. She offered me a speicif time and said I can choose where to go.

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