After the first date... so what should I do?

I've talked with him through internet for a few months and he asked me to go to see the exhibition with him since he had tickets for two.
It was our first time to meet in real and he seemed excited to see me at first but our first date went bad since I was so tired and walked aroud alone in the museum. (I KNOW THAT I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE)

After the exhibition, we both go back separately and I didn't hear anything from him. But he checked my profile right after our meeting.
I've contacted him after a week and he responded and I invited him for another exhibition and he accept but he wants to accompany his male roommate with us. (I don't understand)
I told him that I won't go and he said he will ask me again when they go to the exhibition so that I can decide later.

What's on his mind?
I think he isn't interested in me but he replies and accept my invitation but wants to accompany his male roommate?
I want to see him again because it was my first time to see the guys behave in that way.
It's embarrassing thing to say but people always say that I am a really pretty women.
I want to find out what he really thinks and feels.


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  • I would text him and say you werent feeling well and didn't want to mention it because you really wanted to go to the exhibition with him. Then ask if you can have a do-over. If he tries to invite his roommate just say all of your friends are busy so you don't really have anyone to bring so you would prefer just the two of you. He might want to bring his roommate thinking you will act that way again so he has someone to talk to and be with. I think if you make it clear you weren't feeling well and that's not how you normally act then he will change how he is acting. This is how I would handle it. This happened to me at an art museum with a guy and ended up dating him for 3 years after i handled it this way.

    Me: "Hey! I just wanted to apologize for how I acted at the exhibition. I wasn't feeling well and had a headache but didn't want to cancel since I was excited to see you. We should have a do-over :)"

    Then if he mentions bringing his roommate again I would say "I hope you don't mind, but I was looking forward to it being just us since we didn't get to talk much the first time"

    Good Luck :)


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