Is it bad we stopped texting each other? How do we get out of an awkward slump?

I'm not necessarily opposed to talking to this guy, but I just got mixed signals from him. Some days he'd text me all day, others it was like trying to grab information out of him that he didn't want to give. The first couple dates were fantastic, but we started to run out of stuff to say. I stopped texting him because I wanted us to have stuff to talk about when we got together... oddly enough he hasn't texted me AT ALL either. Do you think he has lost interest? Or do you think he thinks I've lost interest? I just needed a break from everything. It felt really fast and I wasn't sure where things were going.

How do I get out of this awkward slump? I like him... but... now it just feel a tad awkward since we BOTH aren't texting each other.


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  • I just had a situation like this. Turns out he was upset that I wouldn't talk and I was upset that he wouldn't talk. Maybe try just saying something. If he answers that opens the door, and if not then you have no room to feel guilty!

    • hahaha true. I like him though... I'm almost afraid to text him now and find out that he's maybe lost interest? I don't know. I'm confused haha