Innocent Text Messages... Or Guilty Messages?

My friend Dana called me last night and told me that she got these my boyfriend Bryan had been texting this girl Rakya that I don't get along with. Dana forwarded me the messages and the text said "what would you do if I sent you a pic of something" - and you already know what he's talking about. I don't know what she was saying back but the next one said "I'm just asking because I'm curious and want to know what you would do this conversation is between me and you". Rakya forwarded them to her boyfriend and he forwarded them to Dana so she could show me. I called Bryan and when I asked him about it he was like I was just curious and wanted to know what she would do. He claims they are close like brother and sister but like a month ago he said he didn't talk to her at all. He said they don't text at all. So I hung up on him. He keeps texting me but I won't text back. What should I do? I'm really upset we been together for two years.


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  • So he is texting a girl to see how she reacts to him possibly sending her a picture of his penis?

    Clearly he's immature. I'd ignore him, or at least send him a text saying you two are over.


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