Can I get this guy back?

Basically, did everything wrong in this relationship.

We texted constantly and snapchatted the first week we dated. Left us w/ nothing to talk about at the date!

We acted all bf/gf... I spend the night on the 3rd date w/o sex.

I mentioned commitment WAY too soon.

He's stopped texting me... but the last text he sent I didn't reply to. It's only been 2 days.

Is there any way to relinquish this? Just to casually date? I definitely didn't mean to make it seem so serious so soon! We spent the first 5/10 days together.

We eventually ran out of things to talk about, but I think that if we slowed down it'd work...

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  • I would say that mentioning the word commitment would be to early but it should be enough to drive the guy or man, (there's a maturity level to be assessed). I personally don't like texting and don't snapchat at all I guess it could "be cool" but I'm not looking to be cool I am who I am and that's what should be interesting for the date. I prefer calling or better yet talking face to face. Words don't get twisted, things are "in the moment" there's no 2nd guessing on meanings, and I don't know about every other guy but I don't think I could ever run out of things to talk about. Plus don't take every moment of silence as a bad thing, sometimes meaningful conversations need that small silence to let the emotions settle before letting the conversation take rise again. If you haven't already guessed there's a pattern/chemistry that needs to be naturally or created that will entice that sexual tension. Plus I don't give out my number too often I'd much rather get the girl's number and then call her. If and when do give out my number I usually give it 2 days and if there's no contact then it's whatever no need in losing sleep over it. Now going back to your case it's been 2 days and no contact not even so much as a hello then I think it's lost cause. But if you haven't try just by saying something short and flirty, if he does not respond forget it.

    • I haven't tried texting him... Should I try? I guess I thought I'd give it some time.

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    • @Asker hahaha if you told him that then I can bet major doh that he's not calling you back for that EXACT reason. And I have no clue what blackmailing has to do with what we are talking about so yeah ignore that comment.

    • hahahha I bet he's not calling me back for that reason either! darn it, I didn't even mean it. I just said to test him. I'm texting him next week to redeem this to see if he still wants to get together hahaha

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  • You answered your own question... in the first line too!!!
    let me see
    ---mostly virtual communications
    ---too much communication too fast
    ---ACTING like bf/gf..(thats always fun tho)
    ---mentioning not only commitment, but commitment before sex (you might as well just tied him up to a plane and let it take off.)
    Your relationship could have been salvaged if it was just the first three... now darling.. there are only two ways left. You can either have sex, or call it quits. the relationship used all its missiles too quick, now there's only one torpedo left (literarily lol). you can either use it, or use it to sink the 'ship.

    • hahaha yeah, just about everything that could have been done wrong, was done wrong!

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    • hahaha hey, give me all the advice you can! I love it! I also clearly need it :)

    • you know how to find me :)

What Girls Said 2

  • Don't give up if you don't feel ready to. Give him a week or two no contact then casually drop in again, ask him a question, not just "how's you " but something he can't ignore, like "what was the name of that place we went to..."

    Just be prepared to move on if he doesn't reply. If he does, play it a little cooler this time x

    • Completely random, but I just scrolled and did a double-take scroll. You are so pretty.

    • Yeah, I don't know. Having all this time to not talk has kind of... made me realize that maybe he isn't my type afterall... I mean, not my type to be in a serious relationship with. Maybe to casually date? I just think we have too many core differences.

  • This does not sound like you did anything wrong. At all. It sounds like you two are NOT A GOOD MATCH, so why are you pushing something that is so clearly not meant to be?

    • Really? Oh I didn't see it like that.