Proper way to act in the interim between the first and second date?

Basically the question in a nutshell is how do you contact and act with the girl after the first date but before you secure a second one.
question asked below. Thanks guys, this is something I'm still struggling with.
So after the first date it seems I keep screwing up.
I a few things of note girls do you agree with me.
I'll try and set up a second date too soon.
(my dad says socialize don't achieve. Meaning don't be on a mission to get this girl to be your girl friend. Just let things happen)
So girls here's my question and I ask for detailed answers please. Because this is something I am really struggling with and I'm sick of failing...
How would you want a guy to conduct himself with you after a first date?
Much appreciated
Thank you


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  • i'd want him to keep contacting me of course. i expect a "last night was fun" or "tonight was fun" text if he enjoyed himself and i'd expect another initiation of a date a week or so later. is that what you mean?


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