Would you tell a guy "I definitely want to hang out" if you didn't?

Been on a few dates with this girl and she's usually a few minutes late. I know she works hard at her job and she seems into me. She says she'd feel bad committing then needing to cancel. But she says she definitely wants to hang out, so lets play it out to see how work goes for her

  • Yes, I would tell a guy so it didn't hurt his feelings, but not interested in him
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  • No, I would not tell a guy, I do want to hang out!
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Interesting, someone put they would tell a guy so it didn't hurt his feelings
She just canceled on me now


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  • No, if I said I want to hang out, I want to hang out.

    • I sense she likes me, we have a good connection; but she is too busy to hang out ad hoc like "hey at the bar, want to hang out?"

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    • sigh, I do really like her...

    • Well, only you can make this choice.

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  • There are lots of ways of saying no. Every girl in the world learns this by the time she's 16 or so. LLOL!

  • no i wouldn't. i'd tell him a reason or an excuse as to why i can't/don't want to hang out, and he'd get the hint eventually. i would never say "yeah definitely i wanna hang out!! lets plan a day!!" if i didn't want to at all.

    • she came up with an alternative date

  • Naaa. If he asks me to hang & im not feeling it & don't wanna be rude or hurt his feelings, i'd say something along the lines of , "Lol Yeah, ill see wassup" :P and never look into it

  • I am very socially awkward and hate saying anything negative to a person. I would never say no, just because I hate any kind of conflict. It would scare me to say anything that might hurt someone's feelings.

    • What would you say then?

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    • I will, but after a few more dates... I totally want to lay it out for her, "Hey, I like you... I'm really glad we met.."

    • That seems like a fine idea.

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