How can I get more guys to ask me out?

Basically, I've never had a real boyfriend. I know I'm young but honestly every girl I know has had a boyfriend. I understand not all girls have, but I want to date someone. There's a few guys I kind of liked but they all fizzled out so I don't really like anyone right now, I"m hoping to find someone new. But how do I get guys to talk to me and want to date me? I don't think any guys in my class see me in that way because either they have girlfriends or they just don't ask me out. One of them called me dude. I'm not really just "one of the guys" because I don't really hang out with them and I'm not that tomboyish. Attractiveness wise, I can be anywhere from a 6-8 (on bad days 5-7) So I mean I know how to improve my looks and I don't think that's whats stopping me. I've had a few guys in public ask for my number and others that haven't approached but I know they found me attractive. How do I develop a real relationship with a guy? Thanks


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  • Are you meeting enough men? Are you accessible? Are you letting people know you are dating? Basic stuff here. You need to meet enough men that you have a chance of forming a friendship, you need to be accessible and not surrounded by five girlfriends or sitting at home on the computer, and finally, you need to let people know that you are looking. You could have so much going on in your life that you appear not interested in dating.

    • I don't want to come off as desperate though.. and I try to meet guys like I try and go to the city near me a lot and be at the mall and stuff but I don't meet that many. And how does one show that their looking to date?

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    • You are welcome and thank for the most helpful. I had the same problem meeting women, so I made a checklist of places where I believe women would go. I would then use Meetup. com or look in the local newspaper for events that fit these requirements. Here is where I think I can meet eligible women:
      Specialty stores - music, books, cooking, farmer's market, biking, hiking.
      Art museum social events
      Music festival
      Adult Class
      Intramural sports team
      Social clubs

      I hope this helps.

    • Thanks again! that does help

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  • You have plenty of time. Find some activities you are genuinely interested in that guys do and start spending time doing them. Doing the activities I mean, not the guys :)

  • You shouldn't try and force it!!! Be yourself and someone will want you for who you are, most likely sooner rather than later :D good luck!!


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  • I'm not sure if you wear make up or not, but if you look up the hottest girls in Hollywood voted by men it's always women with natural make up. Jaclyn Hill on YouTube has amazing videos for contouring and natural make up looks. It makes you look more approachable to men too. Confidence is a big thing also and how you carry yourself. I know girls that aren't the hottest girl, but always have guys after them and its because they draw attention from being confident. When you realize how much of a catch you are and how pretty you are and show it the guys will notice you. Sometimes men get intimidated of attractive girls and won't approach so your issue could just be guys are too scared because they think you're out of their league. Also, I have had some guys call me dude and I'm really girly. Sometimes it is just a bad habit they have. Good luck!

  • Being confident goes a long way. As well as being open and friendly! Down to earth girls always seem to be the easiest to approach. Be yourself. When you talk to a guy it doesn't hurt giving him a taste of your personality and who you are. Don't overthink it and it'll come naturally. Focus on the things you love about yourself and flaunt it! Got pretty teeth? Smile nice and pretty. Long legs? Walk tall with confidence. Sometimes "being one of the guys" isn't a bad thing. It can easily develop into more! See it has an open opportunity to show them your great personality and all you have to offer. Innocent flirting here and there will remind them you're a girl with need for attention. I get called "dude" and "bro" all the time. At the end of the day it's only because they're comfortable with me. I see "being one of the guys" not horrible at all. Because you have a better chance than someone trying to get the courage up to even say hi. c: Goodluck! I'm rooting for you!!

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