I could date this guy, should I give it a shot? Pros/Cons?

Im finally allowed to date. (Im 17, 18 in 5months.. my parents are old fashioned. There's this guy i liked for over a year. I don't know whether or not to give it a shot. We are friends and i know he really likes me.

-He's caring, kind, respectful
- He's nerdy and outgoing
-he's loyal (he'll never cheat on you or anything )
-He's fun to be around
-we have great chemistry
-my friends will hate it because he's hurt me in the past (by going out with other girls).
-he might want to move faster than i do. He's extremely sexual. I don't know if that's all guys (?) He would be my first boyfriend.
-He might clash with my parents (made some bad choices in the past) so they might not like him.

Im don't know where to go from here..

Thanks for the opinions! I'm definitely not going through with this. I let my feelings get the best of me.


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  • The cons are kind of big. Like you already see red flags- the pros are outweighed. You can find the pros in anyone else without those cons, easily.


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  • If I were you I would carefully evaluate the cons bad choices sexual and the past hurting.


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  • i think you should go with it... however make it extremely clear without being pushy what you want in the relatioship... set up boundaries from the start and if he crosses themm... then thats his fault because you made clear how you feel

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