Should I get back together with him?

Okay, a few weeks ago, I dumped my boyfriend. What happened was, is that he would constantly watch porno, and then tell me AAALL about it, So I mentioned I didn't like it, and he respectfully stopped, HOWEVER not even a week afterwards, he came to me because our mutual friend "Kitty' (I named her all by myself) was upset, because apparently her boyfriends were always sucky.

SO MY boyfriend came to me and asked "why don't I date BOTH of you?"

Now, naturally I kinda... called him a pervert, and dumped him, but now it's been weeks, and ever since the break up he's been messaging me, and calling, I repeatedly blocked his accounts/Numbers, but he kept getting new ones, anyways he's constantly apologizing and doing the "I love you" bit, and our friend Kitty says I may have acted a bit rash...

Well, what do you think, should I accept his apology and date him again?

If I should just leave it Be, and not date him again, then how should I go about getting him to leave me alone?


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  • Yeah, I think you definitely overreacted. But then again, if you had no problem breaking up with him over something so small, I don't know how long y'all would last anyways.


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  • Maybe you can give it another chance.


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  • You just proved u r too young to be in a relationship. I'd advice you to take it easy. If you don't like the guy, dump him.

    • I'm not overly fond of him, so I'd rather not be with him, but how do I get him to leave me alone?

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    • That's the maximum limit lol, it could happen within a week or two... the key point is to totally ignore him, not answer him even once.

    • Okay, thank you