Would you leave a girl for someone who is less attractive?

The guy im seeing and have been seeing for a year says he loves me and sends me miss you texts when im not around. I haven't heard from him in a few days but haven't texted him or acted crazy i swear, we are both busy. he never snapchats and his number 1 on favorites and the only one on favorites is this one girl who is less attractive than me. He literally never snapchats. last week i was the only one on his snapchat but got tired of snapping him since he doesn't respond. Would you leave a girl for someone less attractive? (we never fight and nothing is going wrong right now) is snapchat a big deal? We are in college by the way


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  • Well the fact that you said you have been "seeing" each other for an entire year makes it sound like you aren't in a relationship. Is that the case?

    • Nope we are not. We are exclusive with mistake insurance lol (mistake insurance is how we termed the worst of worst situations in which a kiss with another person is allowed. We have both used it very infrequently) I know that sounds dumb (don't judge us too much on it) but in theory a kiss doesn't matter to either of us so we both mutually know that it doesn't matter.

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    • Well if he isn't really committed to you, he probably wouldn't have any problem leaving you.

    • okay thanks

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