URGENT What should I text this girl?

I set up a third date with this girl and she thought tonight might be a good night. Yesterday we texted I had a plan. She wasn't sure if the timing was going to work but asked if we can play it by ear because she didn't want to have to cancel. But she "definately wanted to hang out".

She texted me saying she doesn't think she can make it out because she's still at work.

What should I text her back? How long should I wait?


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  • No worries, hopefully we can hang out sometime soon :)

    Or, if you want to sound less clingy:
    No worries, we can hang out another time :)

    • What about Oh Okay. maybe some other time?

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    • not sure, only 2 dates.. I would say a bit intro, but her job is extro

    • Oh ok. If she is a bit introverted, then likely she does notice and appreciate the smaller gestures. I know I appreciate my boyfriend's small gestures :)

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  • Have her make the plans based on her work schedule ;)

  • Just say no worries we can go another day you don't have to work late

    • No worries or oh okay? Also maybe or let's do another time?

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    • Sounds like she isn't even making an effort I would just let her be

    • I texted her with the no worries and maybe some other day. Without setting anything up. Wished her well on her trip

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  • I don't like waiting a certain amount of time as some sort of "game" strategy. Just ask her when she is free next. Don't seem too needy, but it's fine to make a plan.

    • She's leaving on a trip and will be out until next Wed.