Guy I'm dating drunk dials me and asks me on a date, then forgets that he set up the date in the first place. Second chance?

So I met this guy a couple months ago at a bar and gave him my number. We started texting back and forth and a couple weeks after he asked me on a date. We went on 1 date and had great time. He then asks me on another date about a week after and I told him that I was busy studying (which I really was). Since then, he randomly texts me a couple times a week and asks me if I have plans. Since I'm really busy with work and school, and he is really busy with his job, we didn't see each other again. By the way, he never calls me to talk, which I think is a little weird; he only texts me. One night, he randomly calls me which is a surprise, but I can tell that he is a little too happy and super tipsy (i. e. drunk dial!). He asks me out on a date and I said ok. Two days before our date, he texts me something sweet. I respond telling him that I am excited for our date. Well, guess what? He forgot that he asked me out and said that he has a work trip that weekend. He felt really bad and apologized over text (did not call me btw). Then two days after he says he wants to take me out on a nice dinner (surprise date) to apologize for asking me out on a date while he was drunk and then forgetting about it. So question, should I give him a chance? He seems like a nice guy who has his shit together, but the drunk dialing thing was a little off. He doesn't seem like a shy guy. Well the drunk-dialing (liquid courage) shows that he thinks about me, but why doesn't he ever call me when he's sober. Does he just want to hook up? I'm not looking for that. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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  • When a guy is drunk, he is not in his senses.


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