Talking to these girls at my gym?

There are these gorgeous women that go to my gym. I am not much of a big talker to begin with, and have trouble talking to extremely beautiful women. On top of that it is like they have a bunch of guys talking and saying things to them. I just have a hard time figuring what to say, because what can I say that they haven't heard before or that will catch their attention. Due to my shyness I always get stuck and pushed far back in the crowd. This is a problem I have been plagued with ever since middle/high school till now. Some people I know can't believe that I am shy around girls and have had some random ladies tell me I am handsome. It is hard because these guys have money and are buff, whereas I am on the opposite side of the spectrum. I have a job, cute and chubby. Still trying to get my life worked out, sometimes I don't feel to ambitious (just feel defeated). I do want to have a nice career and life, but trying to figure things out is rough. I am trying to for the last time to get into Pharmacy school (applying and going to take the entrance exam), but that as far as I have gotten. I have a bachelors degree, but it is worthless I can't find a job in it (Environmental Science). I can't seem to get out of feeling like a worthless bum and pull myself together and finally getting things done especially with the ladies.


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  • no offense but they sound like they are out of your league. I wouldn't advise you to hit on these girls, nothing is gonna come from it. you have to crawl before you can walk. if you are shy, awkward and find it hard to talk to women do you really think its a good idea to approach the hottest girls in the gym? come on bruh


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  • Bro you are similar to me minus the details, but I've come to accept that being yourself is the best method. Trying to find the "perfect thing to say" is just not going to happen. Good luck finding that. Sure there are your jock guys who come in there and run their mouth to every female. "Weight lifting this. Flex that. Exercise exercise." They ain't doing anything but running off the mouth. In that female's mind she may be thinking "Will this guy shut up?" Not only that but most girls I think would come there to work out and not hear some muscle head run his lips.

    You said girls say you are handsome. When they say that start talking to them. The ice has already been broken and I doubt they will just utterly deny you.

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