My crush suddenly ignores my text!?

I thought he likes me too. We were friends before I started crushing on him, and he's not a player whatsoever. He was really nice to me and kiss me on the lips every time we said goodbye. He blushed a lot around me. I thought he liked me. A few days ago he started to ignore my text... I don't know what is going on. He never ignore my text before. It showed that he "seen" it. Our college is HUGE I don't have classes with him it's impossible to find him in the college without arrange it with him first. What do I do now? What's going on? Why does he suddenly ignore my text?


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  • Why dont you call him and ask him to hang out? then bring the topic on as like a playful tensing this.


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  • .. maybe he's just having hard time..

    • If so, how can I be there for him and support him if he doesn't even reply to my text or share his problems with me?

    • some guys don't feel comfortable of sharing their problems.. and sometimes they just wanted to be alone..
      Just wait and pray, if he really loves you then, he'll come back for sure..