Why is a relationship so elusive to some?

I have some friends who have a long line of suitors one after the other. And others who go years without a serious relationship. What gives?


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  • I think when you try to hard, you send out the wrong signals and it runs away from you. If you concentrate on making yourself a better person, the opposite sex tends to get naturally attracted.

    • Interesting theory...

    • It's true! Never been able to get one when I wanted it. Just drops into my lap when I don't :-)

    • One runs the risk of meeting many emotionally unavailable people in that case. If a person doesn't want something I would be leery of entering into a relationship since they don't want one. That's how friends with benefits begin. If I don't want a relationship I won't want one just because the person "drops into my lap" I would probably just have fun with them and drop them when I get bored. This has happened to me with guys. They don't want a relationship but take me for a ride until they get what they want. Vicious cycle.

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  • Some people have it, and others don't.

    It's not always looks, but looks do help.


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