Moving from friends to dating?

I told my really good friend that I had feelings for him (I could tell he did too). He felt the same way. He called me the other night saying we should take things slow because he doesn't want to ruin our friendship. I completely agree, I don't like rushing relationships. I just don't know how to start the transition from friends to dating. He said we could get dinner next weekend We're both pretty shy. His college is about 15 minutes away from mine by bus. How do we go from being really good friends to dating?


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  • @chocomintstrawberry I know people that have too and most said it was a slow and excruciating process. with many ups and downs and doubts but the successful ones told me something that forever changed my perspective that I want to use it.
    They were friends FIRST and obeyed the rules of friendship first, you know (trust, openness, truth, etc) before they dealt with relationship/dating drama. and it worked out just great. if you can follow that with your good friend.. you should be fine.
    if he said that he doesn't want to lose you, means he values your friendship and doesn't want to gamble with it. In Friend to Date relationships, you can either gain one... or lose two. thats a hard gamble.


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  • Don't overthink and just enjoy your time together. If you're constantly self-conscious about keeping your friendship alive, you most likely won't work out as a couple. I've fallen for friends in the past and I've always forced myself to forget it because I didn't want to lose them, but if you want to be more than friends with the guy, you're going to have to pick either a friendship or relationship with him. That's as far as I know though. I don't know, I'm sure there are people who've successfully transitioned from friends to lovers and felt okay about it.

    • It's just weird because people always though we were dating or liked each other. I actually just admitted it to myself a few weeks ago. It's just hard to move on because we get along so well and I haven't found that connection with anyone else.

    • I don't know what to say... It's your decision, but if you pick your friendship you have to give up a relationship with him and if you pick a relationship with him you have to move forward keeping in mind that it's possible for you to lose your friendship.