My ex keeps staring?

I stood up with my ex a lot and that was the reason of him breaking up with me because he kept telling me would never repay me and will always be sorry but then he kept staring and everyone noticed that, I treated him like nth happened and I was like we r frnds and I dnt care that u broke uo with me I noticed his stares were full of sadness and angry at the same time because I changed a lot and now im looking so much more after my looks he wouldn't look me in the eye but ge looks at me whenever I pass he sometimes tries to come closer when his frnds arnt around I have no idea what to do he acts and I act like I forgot it that i dnt care but I do help me please


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  • That was a crappy reason to break up with you.

    That aside, if you REALLY don't care about him, just tell him point blank that he doesn't mean anything to you now so he should stop those stares. But if you still have some feelings left for him, you can try to make it work again.

    • Well I will never say that I worked so hard to make him annoyed that I dont care about him although I do and his stares are tge weirdest thing ever and everyone are SHOCKED of his stares and gis behavior around me

    • Alright then, just tell him frankly that you don't appreciate his behavior so he should stop doing that.

    • Thank you

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