Should I ask this girl out? Help me out!

We've known each other for a few years. We go to same school. Same age. Last year, I tried to set up a date but it turned out she had to go somewhere (seemed like a lame excuse but never mind). We're going to prom together in a couple of months. She's not an easy girl, that's probably why I like her the most.
We do not live in the same town but it's like 30 minutes away by bus.
I also made out a couple of times with her friend from class last year but it wasn't nothing more than that. Not sure if that can be a tough problem.

I'm usually a very confident guy but in this situation I really do not know what to do. Maybe I'm just scared of getting rejected and having to cope with it.

Hope you can help out. Thanks. :)


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  • I know is some way how do you feel (specially in the fact of different cities and making out with her friend) but of it ask her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Sure, go ahead and ask her out. You're already not dating her, what's going to change for you?