Guys/Girls: how would you feel if your partner had a "preference" that was not you?

i when i used to be with my ex, he had a thing for white girls and black hair and that were skinny, she pretty much was like megan fox looking :p

as for me im a pakisatni , im pearshaped and slim,... with dark redish or brownish hair,... for me not to be his prefrence it sucked all the time during our relationship, it was somthing i could not handle,.. then as time went buy he left me for a girl of his preference :(

although i see other couple who have this situation which is veryy common, most cuoples stay as i see most times,... but i guess for what happend to me wasn't so common?

any how how do you feel if your partner has a preference that is not you?


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What Guys Said 1

  • That situation will never work out. I used to be fat and dated a girl with posters of really fit guys on the walls of her room. It always made me feel bad because I knew she'd rather be with them than with me. At the same time, I did understand her preference. That said, I didn't like knowing that, and eventually we broke up and she started dating a fitter guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well I don't think anyone should enter into a relationship with someone who is not their preference, it's asking for trouble I guess there are some out there that have had arranged marriages and the partner wSnt their preference but they fell in love over time. I has to do with attraction first off most I the time also a lot to do with mentality. I were you I would have left him before he left me walk away with your head held high. At Least you can put it down to experience

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