Is it that some men are dense or does he still have feelings for his ex?

Okay so I've been dating this guy for a month. We've known each other for like 4 months before started dating. Today is his ex girlfriends birthday. He told me his mom gave money to buy her a gift. Which I know unless he asks his mom to give money she won't just specifically give money for that. And he asks me in my opinion what he should give to her as a present. I'm like dumb founded. What am I supposed to say to that? And as his opinion he says how about flowers, chocate and a bear? I had no words to offer to him at this point. It pissed me off so bad. What the hell is going on? Are men going dumb by the second or does he still have feelings for his ex?


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  • Ouch, dense right off the bat? really?
    having feelings for an ex is totally normal for one...
    buying gifts for a recent ex, not so much...
    asking your current gf what to buy for your ex-gf.. now that there.. is absolute density.
    instead of being mad at him and driving him back to his ex... i suggest you help him. tell him what to get for her.. make it simple enough that she attempts something (chocolate) and then assert to him that she is his EX and he has YOU now and that should be a birthday and goodbye gift. because she is old news now.
    your showing of understanding will make transitioning over to you fully.. a whole lot easier. because he will feel safer.

    • I don't mind him being friends with her. I just fear what if he still have feelings for her. That's what made me worried. Flowers and those are given to girlfriends not friends and specially not ex girlfriend.

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    • Yes I'll let you know after I talk to him. :D

    • thanks for the vote...

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  • If you've lasted a month with someone like this without noticing, perhaps you should do some self-evaluations concerning intelligence.

    • Well I've ended things with men for small things. So for a change I'm trying to stick around. Is that so bad?

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    • That's not the issue however. It is that he's asking his current gf about a gift for an ex, oblivious to the stupidity of that action. Draw your own conclusions for what's best for you.

    • I know right. I told him that. And he blamed it on me like I thought I could tell you anything and talk about anything to you.

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  • some relationships can be platonic and friendly after they end... however i don't think he should be asking you what he should buy his ex.

    • Yeah I understand the friendly part. And tonight I TD him why would he even ask me that. He said "didn't you say I could tell you anything". I told him yeah you could tell me stuff but asking me what to get for her is a bit too much.

    • tell him that you are uncomfortable and slightly worried about his feelings about this girl still- its a normal reaction.

    • I guess I will tell him. Thank you. ❤

  • He has feelings for his ex..

    • I think so too. I thought of avoiding this and pretend like all is good. But who am I kidding it will always be at the back of my head.

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    • The one i am talking about as emotional wreck has never hurt me at all. I tried but what happened one day like after a month of dating he came one night to my place and started talking about if he should pop up in her bday party or not.. Somewhat sinilar i didn't care and continued dating but after two months what happened is he was crying on my shoulder saying he misses her

    • Ouch. Even if that didn't hurt much but still daaamn. What an idiot. And what fools we are for ignoring those signs.

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