How to not screw this up?

So I'm single but I'm friends with this one guy. He has a girlfriend. We're just friends I'm not interested in him. But anyway I go over with him to hang out with him, his girlfriend who I am close with, some of his roomates, and a couple of other people to watch the soccer game. Anyway I never met any of his roomates but his one roomate, Will, instantly started blatanlty flirting with me. I flirted back of course he was cute and we were basically the same person. This was about two weeks ago. We got drunk together soon after and ended up sleeping together. It didn't change anything since we've hung out again and have been texting 24/7. But we are both infatuated and we basically can't keep our hands off each other. He had one girlfriend before but I've always been single and I'm terrified that I'm going to screw it up and we're gonna stop talking. We decided we were going to go out, he has a surprise date planned in mind and I feel like a princess lol. But I don't know how to keep cool and not mess up helppp


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  • just be yourself and try to not rush things (though i don't see how you could at this point lol). communication always helps and make sure you're making him feel like a prince.

    • It's been like two weeks but I've never met anyone like him and no has ever talked to me the way he does or treat me the way he does... is it possible to fall in love with someone only just after meeting them? I tend to be a hopeless romantic and it can come off as needy to some guys which pushes them away :(

    • you guys definitely rushed things lol. that question can be debated and multiple people have different opinions. maybe this guy likes spoiling a girl and thats what he likes about you. either way, don't get to committed bc you really don't know this guy.

    • Yeah I know I'm rushing it but I can't help it. I just get too excited. I'll try not to get too comitted to quickly bc I know that's a recipe for disaster