Would you (girl) date an outsider?

I was wondering if any girl who thinks of herself as ''normal'' or ''average'' in terms of culture, would date an outsider? Like a hippie? A geek? A combination of both? (yes i am that combination) and please type why?

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  • "I was wondering if any girl who thinks of herself as ''normal'' or ''average'' in terms of culture, would date an outsider? Like a hippie? A geek?"

    Geeks and nerds are en vogue now. Ask that question 20 years ago and you get completely different answers.

    Girls don't like outsiders, they stay with what's "safe". Men don't really give much of a shit, since their sex drive is mostly fueled by looks.

    Everything about the female gender is about safety, while the male gender is about high risk and high reward.

    Males have been shown in studies to be more likely to engage in "novelty seeking behavior", doing recreational drugs, extreme sports, and generally risky things that expand one's worldview.

    Reproductively, men have the potential to either strike it HUGE, or completely fail. Women are guaranteed to have some reproductive success, but cannot have as much as the most successful men. The highest number of children born to a woman in all of recorded history is 69, for men it's 860 (in actuality, it's far far higher than 860, if you count Genghis Khan, but there are no exact written records).

    Women have also been shown in studies to consistently find a man much more attractive if they know that there are other women who are attracted to him. This is a "safety" trait, as the male partner is "pre-approved" by other women. Men don't have this preference at all.

    So regardless of whether or not women will date nerds or hippies, the general answer is that women generally don't date people that they perceive as outsiders. If a woman is in a commune, she'll probably be open to dating hippies, and if she's at MIT, she'll probably be open to dating nerds. These environments change though, and women change along with them.


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  • I already date a hippie/geek combination so I'd definitely date an outsider. I'd say that he'd be considered an outsider now and I know that he'd quite enjoy to be considered so. He's had an eating disorder for the past few years so people already look at him because of how thin he is (but he's 6 foot tall so he looks somewhat Jack Skeleton-esque), his hair is so long it's beneath his shoulderblades, he goes around in a long Russian military coat, he basically does what he can to stand out and make himself unusual. Plus, he's a huge geek, I don't even understand. I'm a Classics nerd but he's a physics fanboy, the ultimate geek and also a bit of a hippie just because of his forward-thinking ideas.

    So long story short, I would date an outsider because I think I'm already dating one.

  • Of course I would.

  • Yes i would but it will also depends on his personality AND if he can make me smile

  • It really dosent matter along as I'm happy to be with him.


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