I'm having Boy Problems?

So I like this guy he is a grade below me, and well I have liked him for awhile but I have never talked to him but it seems that he may like me too. Because he always stares at me and i don't have a booger or anything and I catch him staring and he doesn't ever look away. And there was one time where we were practicing fire drills and we went outside and i saw him but i was behind a lot of people but he was standing there moving his head like he was looking for a certain someone. And well today my friend Christine rides the bus with a girl in his grade she told her that my crush is taken by her best friend? And that she likes him too, and Christine mentioned that I liked him too while she was talking and she said: "I hate her" but i think she was just mad that i liked him too. And well anyways I can't find out if that is true or not because I don't hardly ever see him and I can't find out because it is coming from that girls mouth and you can't always trust girls. And its kind of weird because my crush has been single for several years and the girl that told Christine that well she & her friends never even talk to my crush at all so it kind of sounds really odd and he stared at me for months and he still does he found out i liked him in early April. He always stares at me when he gets the opportunity. Do you think the girl is lying or not? Please help!


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  • I don't know. No one here knows either.

    Your getting to be a big girl now. Why not just circumnavigate all the BS and go ask your crush directly if you can be a couple or at least date. Write him a letter or card if your shy. While your pining away sucking your thumb another girl will snatch him up, then you will be devastated.

    If he is taken find someone else to fixate on. But also tell your crush you would like a chance with him if things don't work out with the other girl. All you can do is plant seeds and water them, you can't force them to grow. Good luck!

  • Probably lying, you girls are always so mean to Eachother. So if she likes him too you might want to hurry up and say something to the guy, it's much more likely for a girl to say no to a guy than a guy to say no to a girl, especially if they haven't been in a relationship in years.


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