How do you feel about people in their 20's dating underage teens?

The question explains it but I've seen this more and more like crazy and people keep on acting like its cool and acceptable but I mean if I had a 16 or 17 year old daughter and found out she was dating sum 22 year old guy I'd be p*ssed and honestly I would feel the same if it was my son with an older woman. One of my best friends brother was dating our classmate and she was 13 at the time and he was 20. Is this really okay? Does anyone else feel like this is sickeningly wrong?

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  • not only is it morally wrong but there's a word they call it...what is it...on yeah ILLEGAL!

    • I see it as unwise but I don't see how it's morally wrong...also it's only illegal for someone over the age of consent to have sexual contact with someone more than 3 years younger that is under tha age of consent...nothing about just dating, and the age of consent is often 16.

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    • I just don't think older people should date under aged people period!

    • Emzy-89. This country if full ofpeople in prison or parole for having sex with the underage, often 16 or 15 years olds, and the offender is usually in their late teens. Their lives are messed up forever because of this as they are considered the same as a true pedo -- and must register as sexual offenders for life. I think it is actually those who favor such punishment who are sick,

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  • I will admit that I have made out with underage...teens...and sometimes wish that we'd have a real relationship with one [like if he's 16 or 17] but realistically that wouldn't work. Totally different stages in life for anything serious. Fortunately, though in many ways he still seems like a mid-age teen [like not having his high school diploma or even GED yet and driver's license], the guy whom I'm potentially gonna end up with is 19.

  • It's wrong. You should weight till they are of age.


What Guys Said 2

  • I think it's beautiful - people of different ages sharing each other in a mutually beneficial way. Just why is is better that a 17 year old girl be with a 16 year old boy than with a 22 year old? Will the 16 year old treat her better? I was with a woman 16 years older than me for 7 years and it was fun and I learned so much! Glad I didn't have to deal with the games of a 17 year old girl way back then. But now, if I was not married, I'm sure I could teach a 17 year old girl a lot and save her from so much trouble, and myself experiencing the freshness of youth again; older men are far more likely to care for a 17 year old woman than her boy age equivalent -- especially if she had children. It's funny that homosexuality is so excepted now -- but a 17 year old girl date an older man, and oh my! Just makes you wonder who controls moral standards now --- 40 year old lesbian women?

    • I gotta admit man, you sound pedophiliaish lmao. I mean look we get to be a certain age for a damn reason and no matter how mature any person especially sumone that is damn near 30 thinks they are they should not be hanging with a 17 year old. I'm not that far from 17, we need those years for ourselves to learn and experience life on our own not to have sum mofo who thinks they are all knowing to teach them how to grow up quicker than they should

    • Motocats response - If being attracted to a 17 year old woman makes me a pedophile, then that's what I am, and so are most honest healthy males. A 17 year old can emotionaly mess with someone as much, if not more, than an older person. You are not experiencing "life on your own", but are influenced by whoever you want to hang with. If you choose to hang with little boys/girls, then good for you. But don't trash those who prefer other ages -- not everyone can be into youngsters as yourself.

  • This isn't okay, its just somebody older trying to take advantage of a kid.

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