This Girl Wants To Have Sex Right?

Three weeks ago this girl living in the same city as me added me on instagram and started liking pics of me. I added her back. The next night she sent me a dm and said she doesn’t usually message strangers but she couldn't help it. She said we should chill and gave me her number. We text every day. I was supposed to go to bar with her and a friend but I couldn’t make it and she wish I came.

Last week we finally met and went for dinner, walked a bit then went to a bar. We kissed at the end of the night. She lives alone. She will text me sometimes saying things like she wish I was with here in her bed, there to cuddle her, and to keep her company while she watches a movie. She said some of this even before the even met!

I have to do community hour’s tomorrow for extra credit for a class and it’s in her area and she told me to come over after and that we can stay in or go out. She also said she was happy she’d have someone else besides family over. She also said she wouldn’t be shy like last time.


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  • Ok being an older married man with aide, daughter and granddaughter I will give you my best advice on what to do or exprct.

    We all meet one another in a variety of ways. Most of our friends are classmates, coworkers, church members, or neighbors. With the internet and social media today, new avenues of communication have opened up for us to mingle with friends, relatives, or strangers. I find this highly enriching. We can get to know each other early before we make a commitment and waste an evening.

    Having said that, and responding to your question, here is what I believe this young lady is striving for.
    This girl is like thousands of other women who are yearning for a loving relationship with a decent man. (I hope that you are a decent man ! ) Most probably she took a liking to you somewhere in the past. Ask her how she got to know you. You stated that she "couldn't help it" so she started reaching out to you on Instagram. Give her credit for being so bold.

    My advice: Get to know this girl. Treat her with respect (i. e. Keep it in your pants) and make your time with her meaningful. Learn about her life, her family, her favorite song, TV show, what movies she likes etc. etc.
    I think she is longing for one man in her life to tell her the things she wants to hear: How much fun she is to be with, what snappy clothes she chooses to wear, don't forget compliment the SHOES, all 3000 pair of them :) and tell her how lovely she is, and mean it.

    Women are not that hard to get along with, they are the fabric of society. Treat her kindly and unless she is a psycho, she will make you a happy man.

    Good Luck
    (from an experienced man)


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  • Maybe. Who knows. I guess you'll find out. Bring a few condoms just in case.