Is it bad that I did this?

Before I had assumed I was with this guy but he said we "were just talking" and so I moved on. Second time around now, He said that we were dating. I knew in the back of my mind that something like that was there, but I never fully grasped the concept of it because he never said anything about dating first of all and just expected me to know. So, when he said "You did not know we were dating?" I just went along with it to reassure that everything was correct before I fully contained a grasp that we are dating. I am not looking to get hurt like the first time. Am I in the wrong?


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  • I would really prefer if it was more universally encouraged that people would be more up-front about their relationship status. Otherwise, it leads to uncomfortable situations like you encountered and I'm sorry to hear you've been put in this situation.

    Formal relationships should start when both people decide they are attracted to each other and decide to remain committed to one another. To assume anything is a disservice to both people. If you aren't comfortable being in a relationship with him, don't be afraid to tell him this! You're supposed to make up half this relationship too; don't get forced into anything that you don't want!


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  • No sounds like you both need to work on communication, not you so much and him and you figuring out how to get it out of him. But just be cautious people who don't communicate and assume things make for a tricky relationship.

  • From what you're saying, it dosent sound like you're in the wrong. He needs to know that he should be more clear where the both of you stand with each other.


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