Is this enough to be considered friend zoned?

Had a first date that did not go too well. Towards the end we were joking about sporting teams we supported and turns out we supported the same team to which she replied 'it's a good thing otherwise we can't be friends'.

This is a girl who seemed super interested in me at first.

  • Yep, girls try to find subtle ways to get message across rather than be blunt
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  • No, she was testing you to see how you'd react
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  • I think you're putting too much emphasis on the statement altogether. It was meant to be a joke. If the first date didn't go too well I don't think you need subtle signs or statements from her to know what's going through her head. If you walked away from it feeling it went bad she probably feels the same way too. When dates go bad, you either just stay as friends or not associate with each other at all afterward.


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  • Hmm... Hard to say... But... I THINK if she liked you, she wouldn't have used the word "friends", I think she would have said, "it's a good thing otherwise I'd hate you" or something.


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