How do girls typically react in person when a guy askes her out? A very bright, happy and flattered face or acting nervous?

I am just wondering about the above topic, and what would be the difference when a girl actually likes the guy more than a friend and when a girl sees the guy as a very good friend?


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  • Depends. When I get asked out, it's a mixture of all emotions. I would think generally happy, especially if they have been waiting for a guy they like who likes them back to ask them out! I sure would. I'd be over the moon thrilled!

    • What about if its a good guy friend the girl has chatted with for a long time and sees him as a good friend, then he suggests they hang out?

    • I'd probably be happy all the same. :) I would think of it as two good friends hanging out unless we're both thinking it's something more but as the way you put, just two good friends.

    • *way you put it.

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  • A guy has never asked me out in person, the only guy that I dated; I did all of the pursuing and asking out. But if a guy that I liked were to ask me out then I could imagine myself being shocked and happy like any girl. If the girl sees the guy as a friend then she probably would be more shocked than anything.

  • It all depends on the girl and if she ever been out with a guy before


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