Why am I being shut out by him?

We have known each other for 23 years we dated briefly when we were young we didn't see each other for about 10 years where we both went through marriage and separation we came together briefly and then he left me for his ex, they had been separated for 7 years by then!;But she had been hearing about me and their daughter had been going home after weekends talking about me and I believe that that made her want him back. Almost a year passed and his marriage didn't work out again. We reconnected recently and we saw each other twice and all the old chemistry was there and we had a great time together but he was very stubborn about the fact that we should start fresh and slow. A few days passed and I got a message saying that he wasn't ignoring me but that he was having some problems and that he would talk to me soon. That was almost a month ago he hasn't returned any of my messages or texts or answered any of my phone calls, he doesn't appear to be staying in his own house either and his neighbors had seen him pack his car with stuff and leave.. I know in the past his exwife had been irresponsible and lost her job and he couldn't afford to keep two households running so he has moved in with her for a month or two in order to take care of his daughter and her needs.. until the ex got a job.. I kind of have a feeling the that is what's happening right now.. But I don't know because he won't communicate with me AT ALL.
NOT A WORD... The the last time I saw him, we really connected.. and we laughed and kissed and talked & it was GREAT.. We have been intimate with each other a few times in the past and we were very very close friends I honestly thought that he was one of the true original honourable good guys!! Even now after month of being ignored, it is very very hard for me to believe that I was wrong for 23 years and that this guy is a total prick.. insights guys? Please help!

  • Should I wait for an explanation whenever he decides to give me one?
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  • it sounds like he is just busy taking care of his life right now, and that could be why he isn't talking. give him some more time, but if he doesn't give you a good explanation move on.