He said "I Love You".. Um...?

My bestie asked me out, but we're only in middle school, he said he has been in love ever since he moved here from Oliver Springs. I decided to say yes to give him a chance and see where it goes. It's going okay so far. He holds my hand and hugs me. It's sometimes awkward, depending on the conversation. Today he said, "You left me, you were beside me with your hand on my thigh, then I didn't feel your little hand anymore." I said "Well, I was gonna be late for the bus." He just said "Well, I love you." and he smiled lovingly. I just smiled and touched his shoulder. He got upset and said "Fine! Don't love me back." But then he said "Just kidding" I grabbed him and gave him a hug. He said "Huh? What? Oh... :D <3 <3 " I put my arms around his neck because he is taller than me and he was holding my waist and patting my back. But I tried to go to my bus, but he wouldn't let go for another maybe 5 seconds. Another thing, this guy hates me and I hate him (playfully and seriously, complicated) and the guy told me to shut my mouth. And my bestie/date or whateves, said "WATCH YOUR MOUTH, ______ THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND! SHUT UP!" his reaction was funny. :P People always see us together and he says "She's my girlfriend and I love her very much" My sissie twinzie asked him why he likes me and he said "I love everything about her. I could write a book or maybe more. She's so energetic, outgoing, nice, generous, I can't stop thinking about her, I never loved anyone more than her, I stay up thinking about her all night." I never know what to say. Do I say "I love you too?" I may love him to. I cherish our hugs and memories and I always think about him 'till 3AM. I like him a lot. We're 'going out' I guess and we like eachother. He is in love and I don't know if I love him too. He tells me 'I love you' everyday. We know eachother outside of school. What do I do?


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  • If he's in your head all the time, then you love him !!! That's so cute !!! Young love !!! Any ways yea next time he say I love you, say it back, and really mean it... It's hard for some people to show their emotions, this kid really loves you... So don't be afraid to show him your emotion... I'm sure you'd miss him I he'd go... So go for it !!! :) good luck

    • Thanks @Imtheone88 !! I'll try it! Sometimes I am just scared to show my emotion around him because I might think he thinks I am being to forward. Thanks for the answer! Thanks for the luck :)

    • Nah you've waited long enough, and he's been patient !!! Now it's time to show him who's the girl!!! Lol
      Hell love you even more !!!
      And your very welcome, anytime !!! :)

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  • either huge player (lol) or he really is in love with you and trys to hide it behind his "funny" side.

    • He told me he was in love with me and is awkward when he speaks to me, he tries to be funny to cover it up... :D

  • I feel out of breathe reading this!

    Just enjoy it, experiences like this are always nice.


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