Does she believe we are having dates?

So I met this girl through a social activity at the university. We talked a little bit there (where one of the first things she mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was from the same country as I was) and then saw each other again at the next social event. Because I thought she was attractive, I started to flirt a little with her there (teasing, breaking the touch barrier) and she seemed to like it, in the sense that she was not hugely recipocrating, but she did not bounce back either.

After the second social event, we walked out and I suggested having a cup of coffee sometime, which she happily agreed to and gave me her number. So I called her, she didn't answer at first, but later called me back. Talked for like 5 minutes and set up a time and place to have coffee, even though she was really busy with her studies. We talked for like an hour and a half (though she was talking about herself a lot, mostly because I asked her questions and maybe she was nervous, I don't know). We also laughed a lot and I touched are a couple of times on the arm and such things (though again she did not reciprocate).

We agreed we would meet for coffee again and when the mid-terms are over, maybe something longer.
Do you think that she believes these are dates or am I being friend-zoned? I mean, I try not to, by being clear with my intentions in the flirting, but she does not flirt back like openly with touching for example (but it could also be she's just a bit shy and simply does not do that).


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  • Well, if I'm interested in a guy I'll touch his arm etc. Like you are doing with her. But, like you said, she could be shy and not the type of person to express her interest in a guy by touching his arm or whatever. Some girls are like that.

    Maybe, go out with her a couple more times. Get her to be more comfortable with you in person. Then open up to her and tell her how you feel. You will never know until you ask her about her feelings towards you.

    • Thanks Megs!

      I am curious though: if a guy is touching you like that, it is pretty obvious he wants more than just friendship, correct? Would you then ever have a cup of coffee with him like that and then suggest another cup of coffee?

    • Yeah, I will definitely think he wants more than friendship. And, if I'm interested in the guy, I would suggest another cup of coffee for sure..

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