His phone is always off at night when he goes home for the weekend!

So, my bf is in the army. We talk all day everyday, when he is on camp and i visit him every 2/3 weeks either for a weekend or a week (depends how much time off work i can get). We haven't been dating for very long but things got pretty serious from the get go. He talks to me about marriage and kids and he wants us to move in together when i go to uni next year as it will be quite close to where he is based. Everything seems perfect and we get along really well. Now the issue i have is that when he goes to his family home on the weekends (I live in London and he lives about 2 hours away) our communication rates are very different. We don't talk as much throughout the day and his phone is always off at night. He claims that his phone has died (whilst out drinking with mates) or that he left it at home. It wouldn't bother me if it was just once or twice but it is literally everytime he goes home. Never has this problem on camp of course. Could this be a genuine excuse or is it just straight bullcrap that i should really look more into? Could really use some insight here!! Thanks


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  • i turn my phone when i go to sleep

    • He doesn't turn his phone off at night, ever. It is only ever off when he is home at the weekends with his friends...

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  • To me it sounds fishy. He turns it off at night while he is out with friends, drinking? Sounds like he doesn't wanna be bothered by whatever he is doing. Going out drinking alone is a no go anyway to me when you're serious with somebody. Alcohol causes a lot of crap

    • I know, right! i did ask him about it the first time i noticed the changes and he claimed his phone died and didn't have a charger at his mates house or that lack of communication during the days are down to him being busy and that he would sort it out and make more of an effort. But its still the same shit and is really starting to make me wonder can i actually trust this guy?

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    • There are complications as to why he can't visit me in London and vice versa until we get them sorted. But yeah i totally agree and i dont think i will be tolerating it anymore. If things dont change he has to go. Thanks for your input, has helped put things into perspective as i thought maybe i was overreacting but im sure if the shoe was on the other foot he would be going mental!

    • you're not overreacting. his behavior is just wrong. im glad you know whats best for you and are not afraid to take consequences

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