I need advice on crushes?

Okay so I liek this guy who's very nice and sweet but he's also very sporty, muscly and good-looking and I've liked him for at least a month but i gave up on him a week ago because i thought id never have a chance with him, and then i started liking this other boy who is the complete opposite (almost) sure he's attractive but he's not popular, not bulky he's just adorable though. now just yesterday my friend was teasing the guy i originally liked and said why dont you and (my name) just go out already, and he was like why dont we? apparently he said it as if he wanted to but I'm still a little uncertain. Now I'm super confused on who i like because i like them equally as much now but if i try be flirty with both and the other one finds out they'll think I'm playing them so what do you think? And i know the saying 'if you like two people, you like the person you fell for second because if you liked the first so much you wouldn't have fell for the second.' but i liked them at different times and only just now do i like them both.


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  • Watch "Stuck in Love" it's on Netflix


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