Who do you like more? how do you know?

if a person makes you smile when you think of them, and they seem really happy that you're interested in them and that makes you happy... but he's a nerd (virgin hasn't had a gf found out from a friend ) and we dont have classes together and i run into him rarely sense he commutes to college and im on campus... i remember he prob liked me last year but he wasn't attractive to me and now i just think he's adorable and i want to screw his lights out.

there is another guy though he is shy and asked me out but doesn't text/call me and i see him if we are walking. he says hi to me and we hug and he always says he'll contact me but doesnt... When I think of him i get irritated? he's easier to access if i want but i feel like he will be a douche easily.

one is a film cinematography major which can make decent living and the other is a 2d animation student (the nice one) so 2d doesn't make as stable living as it is a dying art... i can't see myself with the nice one in the long run. other guy i can, but he doesn't seem to be worth thinking about with his lack of effort and pisses me off? i also feel like i dont like his lips (idk if they are kissable or anything to fantasize :p) but i dont want to be superficial...

stupid but i dont know what it is to really like someone and im not sure who to dedicate myself more too or how to know if i should. im reallyopen, i feel like there's just so many possibilities and anyone can learn to love each other with time so who makes more sense tot hink of seriously in thi situation as a romantic interest?


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  • How about neither?

    If neither seem to work out just move on. Don't narrow your vision down to these two if your unsure.


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