Kinda seeing a girl for a month. So scared to make a move!!! Please help, I'm freaking out!!!

So I met this girl a month ago at a party and pretty much asked her to lunch the next day. She really likes me according to friends... And we've been going to lunch and doing small stuff since then. I still kind of feel awkward around her even though I feel like that with no one else. I'm too scared to make a move now!!! I feel like she's kind of losing interest cause I won't kiss her or anything!! It's cause I've never kissed a girl and I'm 17 years old and she doesn't know that! How do I lead up to it and just do it? She knows I'm nervous around her and probably really wants me to kiss her but I'm being a huge softy. Please give any advice!!!


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  • As a girl, I'd be happy if a guy just made a move, if he was sorta awkward about it that would be cute. Just start talking and sit really close together and when you have to leave, say goodbye, hug her and then kiss her.

  • Yeah it has to be the right moment to kiss! If not it's just really awkward! I say go to a romantic movie together!

    Answer mine?

    • Sorry I didn't see this till now... I kissed her last night for first time. Went with another (sort of) couple to a horror movie and then we all we back to her place and chilled. Ater the other couple left me and her watche another movie and cuddled. She walked me out after and we hugged for a while (i didn't wanna let go cause i knew i should kiss her but i was scared) And when i finally let go we just kissed and it was awesome. I was so nervous!!

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