Guess who can't date? But is anyway? Me?

I'm almost literally the perfect child: straight A's, I play the instruments my parents want me to, I've never gotten into serious trouble; they just don't want me to grow up. And it kills me. I don't even have a phone as a freshman in high school. I'm not allowed to date, although we haven't skimmed the topic of boys and dating, I feel that since they have a rule that I can't associate with boys I'm pretty sure that means no boyfriends for me... but I'm dating a boy anyway, and he's just wonderful. He knows that I can't date, and he tolerates the fact; but he deserves someone who can actually date and go places with him. Please help I don't know if I should continue dating behind their backs and bring the topic up at a later time, or what else?


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  • by god don't stop dating him, if he you think he is that good, no offense but screw your parents, if the guy will wait for you, let him.

    dw about not being able to go place, most couples don't go out that much, and when they do its not super romantic that often, if you can spend time whenever it should be good enough. Besides if the guy doesn't care that might be a good indication he doesn't want you just for sex.

    who know you might stay together until university, then you can meet him during your frees your parents will be none the wiser.

    But remember to be careful

    • Thank you. I know to stay safe and be careful. He really is a sweet, caring guy. This did really help me.

    • I have two friends how can't go out with their girls, because their folks are the same, and both of them are loyal as hell. so yeah make do until your free

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  • How old are you? You're parents are just looking out for you. I'd say if your 17 or older, they are wrong in keeping you from dating. The best thing to do would be to have a talk with them about dating and maybe tell them about the guy you've been getting to know. Good luck :)

  • It's called having some backbone. My brother got his heartbroken because his ex's Mommy Dearest wagged her finger at her & said not to talk to him. Don't cause him that pain.