GUYS/GIRLS: Older guys problem?

Why is it that I am only attracting older guys that I am not allowed to date? Guys my age barely try to talk to me, but when I do they seem like they don't want to talk or shy at least. How do I attract guys my age?

I asked someone if I'm intimidating to guys, they said I look as if I'll put them down right away. Do I? Why do people say this?

Here's a pic :


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  • Could it be that guys your age know you're looking more at older guys and that they feel they're no competition against them? I've known a few girls like that when I was in HS. I ignored these girls. Not because they were intimidating but because the odds were against me in their game. So did guys I knew:

    • I'm not looking or seeking older guys. I was simply saying that more older guys seek me than guys my age. I don't see any competition here.

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    • 22-32 thats way too old for a girl my age.

    • Way to old, indeed.

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  • Here is the honesty. You are not intimidating but also not very pretty. You are average. Guys your age usually go for the really hot ones because that's how our young minds work, young people tends to based attraction more on looks. Older guys however tends to go for younger girls which is you.


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  • you are a pretty girl. maybe the boys with game don't think u will put out (good, don't). and the boys without it are too scared, afraid or don't like girls yet

    you don't need a bf at your age anyway. all they will do is give u a headache and try to use you

    older guys that are hitting on you are pervs looking for young booty

    • Haha I love this, the older guys part is so true! Thank you for the advice :)

  • You're very pretty.

    If guys are worried about you turning them down, they think you're too good for them. It's not necessarily you, it's just that they believe you're super intellectual or super hot and waaaay out of their league.

    So, the best option (since you're under 18) might be to wait to date until college. Don't worry about attracting men your age. Don't judge yourself by how others see you.

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