How to pick up a girl on Facebook?

Ok I've been out of the game for a while...

I saw this cute girl on Facebook that I know is single and in search of a guy. How should I approach her?

We have no common friends so I can't poke her, and messages that I send will just end up in the "others" folder that she most likely won't see...

Should I just take the chance and add her?


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  • Guys do that all the time, so she won't find it too weird don't worry.

    • I added her, she accepted and we are now chatting :)

    • Good for you and good luck with her :)

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  • What the fuck? Picking up girls on Facebook is ridiculous. Forget about technology bro, I like all the advances that are going on where now we can communicate with people over the internet or your phone but you should practice talking to women in person.

    Nothing is the same as getting to know a girl one on one, gazing into those eyes, tell her how beautiful she looks, hearing each others voices.

    People are so attached to technology that its sad.

    • Did I say I wasn´t meeting girls in real life?
      Picked up 3 girls in the last 2 weeks...

      I just noticed this girl on facebook, and we have no common friends and she lives in a different town. Things that I actually prefer

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